Creatine w/o Ribose and thensome

First, I want to say that I’ve done my research. I’ve read every forum post by John Berardi (thank you for making it your priority to know everything, sir) since last Oct, and every article on T-mag regarding training and dieting, as well as many articles from other magazines, books, etc… I think I’ve proved my point.

**** HERE IS MY BACKGROUND INFO: On July 9 I start my next mass gain “program”. My diet will be based on Massive Eating. I’ll be using Androsol, Tribex, and ZMA. The Androsol and Tribex cycle will look like this: wk 1-3 Androsol, wk 3-4 Tribex, wk 5-7 Androsol, wk 7-8 Tribex, etc… for 12 weeks, ZMA every night. I also have a large jug of creatine monohydrate that I’d like to use up. During the last half hour of my workouts, I will drink 3 tbsp of honey in water with 5g of creatine. Right after the workout I will drink an MRP with 26g carbs and 42g protein. I drink a gallon or more of water a day.

**** HERE ARE MY QUESTIONS: are there any other supplements that should be considered "must-have", to go along with the stack I outlined above? Will the honey give the creatine an acceptable absorbtion rate, or is Ribose far superior? Am I missing anything from my during-workout drink that would make it increasingly more effective? Should I also drink 5g creatine every morning as well? Is it true that there is no need to load creatine for a week anymore? What would be included in the very BEST pre-workout meal/drink I could possible make? Hopefully someone will be kind enough to answer my questions. Thanks.

hey mate right i don’t know the answers to some of your questions but i will give you answers from what i know from previouse experiences and from tipbits that i have read and picked up from this forum.
1: I would put in a couple of weeks of tribex before the androsol (read that on forum numeriouse times)
2: I use the creatine in the exact same way that you do and get good results.
3: You would get quicker results if you were to do a load and your poundages would be higher so you could tax the muscles more from the beginning, but it is entirely up to you.
4: You could possible have an mrp before your workout but thats just a thought

If you really want to make gains, get yourself some Surge. That stuff is awesome and has made drastic improvments in my recovery ability and next day soreness (I have very little). If money is tight and you can’t afford to buy the Tribex, Androsol and Surge, I would stick to plenty of good food and some protein products while bulking. Then just add Surge for post workout. Also, you should be taking a multivitamin, extra Vit C, Vit E and fish oils. Those are the foundation to anyone’s program. So be sure to stock up! Train hard, eat right and you will make some great gains.

Ok, maybe I will have to try some Surge. I’m only hearing good things about it. NateDogg, I use Udo’s Choice oil everyday and a multi three times a week.