Creatine on a Low Carb Diet

Am I wasting my time taking creatine on a low carb diet?
I know its recommended that creatine be taken with a high carb drink, but how can I do that on a low carb diet?

on your training days take all your carbs in a post workout drink. Add the creatine at that time.

It is pretty much useless to take creatine on a no/low carb diet. If you refer to Lyle McDonald’s CKD diet, you should save creatine for carb loading days to further the anabolic response. I have found that on a no carb diet the creatine makes me cramp like a mother and I get no real benefit from it. But on your carb loading day it can swell you up big time.

Try dissolving creatine in warm/hot water. I do this an get an equal response as with carbs. I microwave the water hot enough to dissolve the creatine stirring it until ready(few seconds). The water is not so hot, I can drink it right away and it gives me a nice warm feeling inside(not tingly). Give it a try.