Creatine in Surge?

Does anyone take their creatine in Surge? I am considering taking 5 grams before and after my workouts. I read that nothing should be added to surge.

It’s gotta be plain powdered creatine, no carbs or anything. Other than that, yes. Did you read the Berardi article in this current issue? Read Precision Nutrition.

Nothing should be added except maybe creatine. JB also talks about taking 500g vit C and 400 iu vit E after workouts. Read his article in this weeks issue and read the growth surge project articles. All of your questions should be answered in those articles.

What about Methoxy7 with my postworkout Surge? Would this be detrimental? I try to take it with my P&C meals… and there aren’t many everyday. My oatmeal in the morning, and my Surge during/after workout. Is this not a good idea? I read JB’s article… I understand most of it, but some of that scientific stuff just goes right over my head… not sure if I’m missing something. Thanks guys.

Take your Methoxy with your oatmeal in the morning and then with a P+F meal 12 hours later in the evening. Although it really would probably be ok to take it with Surge, there are not enough carbs in Methoxy that it would cause a problem if you took it with a P+F meal.