Creatine Cycling

Has anyone tried Dr. Serrano’s Creatine cycling program. It sounds good, but can it be followed year round… that’s a lot o creatine!

Also, has anyone tried Ian King’s creatine dosage protocol?

how does king recommended cycling it, i know he wrote a entire book on it but i don’t have money to by it


I read an article in flex which said current research indicates you can stay on creatine indefinately w/o ill effects. Is this accurate???

There are conflicting opinions on whether one can stay on creatine indefinitely…just as an example, Dr. Jeff Stout, who is well recognized, feels one can stay on it indefinitely whereas Dr. Serrano feels it should always be cycled.

I’ve tried King’s method and it worked pretty well. With the regular powder I never really had good results; however I don’t think I used enough liquid to mix it with. I use at least 16 oz. with each 5 g. dosage. Now I don’t load with it anymore as there is a ton of research (refer to Stout/Antonio’s Supplement Review) that says you end up w. the same amt. of creatine in your muscles whether you load or don’t). While they seem to feel a 5 g. or so daily dosage is more than enough, I take 2 servings a day, one mixed in 2 cups of green tea (a warm beverage makes a difference as well) and the other w. my post-workout Surge. FWIW I use Prolab’s creatine (the Creapure stuff).