Couple questions about Meltdown

I’m going on 2 weeks now and I think I’m doing pretty well, but I have a couple of questions for those of you that have done meltdown before. Did you experiment at all to see how your body reacted to training @ different times of the day? Like rope in morning, weights @ night, or vice versa. What did you find? What sort of postworkout nutrition did you have? I’m following T-Dawg, and I’ve been doing a regular P/C choco shake. Are more protein/carbs needed for this type of program? Less? Any info would be appreciated, all this talk of mag-10 has got me excited… I need to get lean, el pronto. Just trying to figure out the best way to do things. Thanks.

Well this shot down pretty fast so I’ll try bumping it one time. I realize its not a scientific question about muscle binding receptor fast twitch fiber insulin sensitivity or something. But, it’s not that stupid of a question… is it? Anybody out there?

I have used poliquin’s gbc routine in its most basic form early in the morning for the past three years to get cut up for summer with no thermogenics and it always worked great. The last time I tried this, however, the weight just wouldn’t go. I don’t think this has to do with the workout itself, but either age(I am 34 this year) or perhaps adaptation to the routine have been the culprits. I can suggest siff’s book and also that verkoshen…whatever guy’s books to self educate yourself on the different circuits. A lot of the information in charles max weights book is in there. I also didn’t eat for an hour after my workout when it was mor successful. I never added any cardio and my workouts all where about 20 minutes in length. I also took weekends off. I would be interested in more correspondence through this site on these gh routines. I think tweakability for the individual may be a key factor after one has adapted.

Hey, somebody actually answered. Thanks dude. What about everyone else? What did you guys do for postworkout nutrition after a gh routine? Right after or did you wait a while? I’ve been having a P/C shake right after meltdown, and the weight was falling for the first 2 weeks. It seems to be slowing down now though. Maybe I’ll try waiting a little while… a little more cardio might help too. Thanks for any input.

Ryno, i have recently finished Meltdown. i to saw a decline in fat lose. i increased my aerobic portion to doing the ropes 5 days a week. on the day i did not lift, i did the tabata routine( it is explained in an earlier post) it was printed in the current issue of Muscle Media. Kennedy called it Guerilla Cardio. i did my weights in the morning because this is the only time i could get it in. my rope work and cardio was in the evenings. i tried Tdawg but my body does not respond real well to low carb diets. i eat low gi carbs for my first three meals and halfed the carbs for my last three. i did use flax oil with two of my meals. i think MD6 is what helped with the rest of the fat loss. i’m taking one full week off from everything because meltdown, when done by the book, will really kick your arse. you definitly need a partner to go this route. i also waited about an hour give or take after my workouts to eat my first meal. and no, i am not a body for lifer. i hope this gives you some insight. later