Ive got some monster cortisol running through my blood vessels right now. I spent most of the night typing up a final Economics paper and had it almost ready to print out in the morning upon arrival at school. I had to get it to another disk so I tried using explorer. Little did I know that I had just copied a shortcut that would prove useless to me. By know my veins are engorged with the evil cortisol. Then I spent two hours fideling with my disks with the help of a computer technician. But it was to no avail. I had to type my paper in one hour and only came up with 4 1/2 pages out of my original 10. Talk about cortisol. I think Ill take a massive dose of Tribex and hump the girlfriend a few times to restore my testosterone. Does anyone else have some Finals horror stories to make me feel better?

My sophomore year the exact same thing happened to me, copied as a link not the document. I kicked the shit out of my computer, which did not help recover the file, but did reduce cortisol levels.

Hey believe me I wanted to throw the thing across the computer lab then jump on a table and piss all over it in front of everyone inluding the tech.

JJ…I think everybody’s got a similar story, big dawg…when I was a frosh, I thought I had the right time for one of my finals…turns out, I was off by 45 minutes! Yeah, it had already started. Normally not a big deal for a multiple choice test, with over an hour to go, but the catch was this was a two-parter and the first part had to be turned in within the first hour…so my monkey ass had 15 minutes to tear it up. My heart was racing like Monarcho! Guess what, JJ, it was an Econ Final!

Well I have guess what, an econ final tonight, and it appears I threw out most of my this semester notes instead of last semseters when I was cleaning up. It wouldn’t really matter but we get to bring in sheets with formulas about money multipliers and fiscal policy and all that good stuff. So like a dumby I have relied on those the whole year and know I threw them out. I’m an idoit. Oh well i have about 3 hours to make some new ones and study for the test.

In my database class, I had an entire semester to do this project. Me, being the dumbass of all dumbasses didn’t start until the night before it was due. It was pretty much a semester’s work crammed in as little time as possible. The project was due at 5 last thursday. I didn’t start till wednesday around midnight. I worked on it till 6 in the morning. Then I freshened up, ate something, and got ready for my 8 o’ clock class. When I was done with my class at 10, I went back to finishing the project. I had about seven hours left, and I wasn’t even close to being done. I did everything I could and happened to turn it in by the time of the deadline. Altough everything about the project was done ass-backwards, at least I gave in my project for some grade. It would have been really bad if I got a zero, know what I mean. That day I was completely brain dead. I slept for about 12 hours, and I’m still recovering from all that stress.

Beat this one. Last semester I was taking a writing class. You had to do a bunch of drafts throughout the quarter, then a final 20 page single spaced paper as well as handing in all the previous drafts. Well, after working a 13 hour day I can home the night before it was due an found out that it was all gone (corrupt disk)! So I had to rewrite the whole thing, over 100 pages total, in about 14 hours. I dare not tell you how many mountain dews and other stimulants I took in that time. I shudder to think, but it was around 1500 mg of caffeine along with some ephedrine and stuff. But, I finished thank god. Now that my story is out of the way, I warn you all. Do not ever take that much or any stimulant!! It was dumb of me, honestly.

Good God Deepsquater! That’s one situation I don’t want to be in. After taking 1500 mg of caffeine, how did you feel afterwards?

Reesh-Well, there was a period around 9am that I couldn’t see the screen, lol. No joke, that was bad. Granted there was also about 120mg norephedrine and like 30mg of yohimbe too, so it was a lot. But basically, I felt like total crap the rest of the day and just went home and took a long nap.

Deepsquater, you definately gored the flounder big time. At least I know what to expect when I take that much stimulants when I have a project due.

funny thing happened today-i got ripped on my macro economics final hmmm i think i’ll go get wasted tonight and take a girl home. oh well one bad grade out of 5 isnt so bad

Well sorry, but all of my finals were money.

I never went to my chemistry class because the teacher put all the notes on his website. Well two days before the final i went to print out the notes for the class only to find out he didnt put the notes for the last two chapters on the website. I spent the better half of two days cramming from about four different books. Luckily it was on the krebs cycle, glycolysis, and enzymes. If it had been on something else i woulda been screwed.