Confusion: Gaining and Losing Wt

first of all English is me 2nd language so nobody get weard :P.

I’ve working out for three months now and I admit that I have done a lot of mistakes in the last years, nutriecien or even workingout.
My weight was abhout 64 kg’s year ago or maybe a bit more and I’m 80 kg’s now. I tried to cut down and do diet and cardio and all of that but found my self skinny with some fat on my legs and belly, I got to 76 kg’s.

Now I’m 80kg’s once again but I have some fat on my belly, butt and all of that,(it’s not that much fat but still it doesen’t really look good or feel confertable specially the lower part, such ass butt and thighs , my weight is mostley on my legs maybe). I’m not saying that there are no muscles but the issue is that the fat I’m gaining when I’m looking for bulking up.

I only use protine shake and depend on my food. My weight don’t increase unless I add some white rise twice a day and some full cream milk almost 3 to for times a day. I like the looky of my body when I’m bulking becauce of it’s pumped but when I take my clothes off it doesen’t realy look that good because of the fat that I’m gaining and my small chest now another issue.

Some of you would say go for a high protien and low carb’s diet, well I’ve been doing that for more than 9 months but I din’t gain any thing specially when I train each muscle once a a week.
I train six days a week. I train my chest, bicep’s and tricep’s twice a week becuase of my small chest and arms. It just gives me the look of pumped body a little bet when I’m going to college rather then the skinny look.

I started as a skinny guy and my type of body is like if u don’t train and eat you well get skinny and so unpumped. I was trying to diet and do cardio every day to lose that fat and get cut’s and all of that but I end up by losing some muscle and not fat (I eat a lot of protine by the way). Any suggestion of what should I do and weather I should gain more weight and lose? should I use creatine? or it’s not that important.
Sorry that I spoke too much I just need some opinions of what should I do?