Concerning Ian King's 12-week program...

Hey guys, I don’t know if I’m reading it wrong or missing something or what. In Ian King’s 12 Weeks to Super Strength (Chest & Back), when he asks for warmup sets… does he want a warmup tri-set? …where you’d do a percentage of your work set weight for all three sets with no rest between then go into the work tri-set? or do you go thru and do each warmup set before the work set in the triset? Hope thats not confusing and sorry if I rambled. Thanks for any help.

Go through a warm-up tri-set…then the work tri-set.

I did mine same way as cream said and it worked really well.

Guys, I’ve just started the 12 week same routine too (man, its a bitch!). I had been doing to warmup before the individual exercise, rather than a triset. Guys, what kind of results did you get overall for the programme? im on the second week, and am using this to gain as much upper body size as posible, whilst minimising lower body size. Cheers

I got really good strength gains (but then I’m a weak soft cock anyway),eg in last phase did 16 reps for normal 10 rm weight and the 16 was last set of w/out. Not so much grat size gains but that was more diet related but strength way up, great program and already planned for next year.

I was the misterious poster! Thanks for the quick reply. So far i am embarressed by the weight i am ending up with, and the speed of the workout/pain generated is blistering. As this is part of my overall bulking plan, do you wthink the size would be more forthcoming, hapo you upped tha calories - how did it work in a cutting sense for you?

Dannyboy, quick replies are the advantage of being in the southern hemisphere and waking at 5.30, pop a vitex and sit down with cofee to wake up. The reason for nothing great size wise was more slack diet, not a cutting one. If you eat clean and follow massive eating or similar I am sure it will work great, that is my plan for next time. As for the weights, they don’t come lower than some of the stuff I was using, esp on those front raise twist ow yuk things, in fact I nearly pinched the pink db’s off some grandma for those. Stick with it as it all comes together at the end and you’ll be stunned. Let me know how it works out.