Combining Lifting and M Arts

[quote]Sody78 wrote:
Is 2 days a week enough to retain strength/grow?
Yes, absolutely. It is generally not what people who’s only goals are to become as muscular as possible or to lift bigger weights wind up using, but plenty of fighters and/or busy people do well on a twice a week schedule.

IF you work hard twice a week you shouldn’ get weaker in any real sense (Though you might want some kind of taper/peak to put up your best numbers on any given lift, which is pretty standard regardless of routine.).

“Growing” will require eating enough, of hopefully “good enough” choices to do so. This is absolutely possible. Plenty of people manage to get bigger/fatter only hitting the gym once or twice a year. The issue is making a strong enough, and specific enough, demand that you put on mostly muscle. IF you are working hard enough that 2 days is doable, but three would be pushing it I think you are in that neighborhood.

Is the reason you cannot commit to 3 sessions because of time/schedule (e.g. Your gym times conflict with classes.) or is it because you are just getting too beat up/tired. If the classes aren’t as conditioning heavy as your interval/kettlebell training than it seems you could just sub the BJJ and Krav Maga and do strength/weight work 3 X a week (Say Tue, Thurs, Sat/Sun).

On the other hand conditioning is very, very important for fighters, and even if “self defense” episodes tend to be quick the training goes better with a good amount of conditioning. So if your new plan is Martial Arts 2 X, Weights 2X, and conditioning 1-2X that might be better over all. You just have to pick something, run with it for a bit, and then modify it if you don’t like results.

Assuming you want a 2X week schedule:

A lot of folks like using Wendler’s 5/3/1 for 2 X weekly w/ combat sports training. This can be done so you hit all the lifts in one week or over 2 weeks (this version is favored by FighinIrish whose log you can read on this board and who could probably walk you through any questions/issues with implementing it). Also, Wendler has a coaching resource/forum here on the Biotest board, so that could help out a bunch.

Dan John has a 2 X a week mass/muscle building plan on this site as well:

This borrows heavily from Wendler’s work and also includes high rep squats and complexes so you might like it if you enjoyed kettlebell training.

There are other 2X a week programs out there. I think Alwyn Cosgrove and Charles Staley have written some, Chad Waterbury might have as well. I do know that Dan John and/or Wendler’s material are generally well thought of, and they deserve every bit of the praise.

There isn’t really going to be a set “best” workout. You are going to determine that based on your consistency, recovery abilities, diet, and effort. Getting those squared is easier if you don’t hate what you are doing, so pick something that looks interesting/fun and give it an honest run (weeks/months not days).

I hope that helps some.


Robert A