Combat Conditioning Question

This question is for Mike Mahler or anyone who has tried combat conditioning. How many sets a day do you do of hindu squats/pushups and back bridge? Also Mike, you said you didn’t lose any muscle after your 5 month stint, so how was your strength when you went back to core exercises like bench, squat, etc. Did it go up or decrease…how effective is the synergetic effect of doing combat conditioning with strenght training?

For me, it varies workout to workout. When I was doing it everyday, I did one set of squats for 100-125 reps, and as many hindu pushups as possible (30-40) and three sets of the back bridge holding for 30secs to 2 minutes. Some days, that is all I did.

Other days, I would do that, and throw in one set of a variety of other exercises. Sometimes I’d do two or three sets of a particular exercise (handstand pushups) if I wanted to really work that particular bodypart. Each of my workouts would vary.

If I was doing stadiums, I'd do pushups between each sprint. Then I would go home and knock out one set of about three to five more exercises. On days where I jumped rope, I would do one minute of rope jumping followed by one set of squats. Then jump rope for a minute and then do pushups. Then jump rope and then do abs. Rope, then reverse pushups, etc...I would do that for 7-8 minutes of rope jumping and 7-8 sets of exercises (one set of each exercise). I feel great after a workout like that! And it only takes 30-40 minutes depending on how much rest you take.

What is a hindu pushup?