Combat Conditioning Part 34921065432

This is truly great stuff! I take back my previous comment about the book being too pricey. Its worth it. The coolest thing is that my wife started doing these exercises now too. The other day she saw my book on the table and decided to read it. Later that day, she asked me to show her some of the exercises. Now we are doing them together. Maybe we can win the Body-for-LIFE couples contest! Nah, just kiddin’. She had a lot of flexibility and could easily do the back bridge. She touched her nose and held it for over a minute the first try. (Pissed me off too!) Hindu Squats were no problem for her either. She cranked out around 100. However upper body strength is a problem and she had a real hard time with the hindu pushups. But its all good, she’ll get better. She’ll probably be gettin’ the handstand pushups before me, but he, I’m cool with that.

Warrior, I’m glad to hear of your wife’s success with the exercises. It’s great that she has shown interest in combat conditioning, and it sounds like she is making good progress. Cool deal bro! Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be able to ger her on the handstand pushups! :wink:

Hey all you combat conditioning dawgs, check out the latest issue of Black Belt Magazine. (the one with Steven Segal on the cover). Chris Hess did an article about Furey and the program.