Coach Davies-Soccer training cont.

Hello Coach. Well, last week was my first indoor soccer game and it was a very humbling experience. I honestly felt like I was in slow motion out there, and to be blunt I was humiliated out there. I once had tremendous ablility and was always the quickest player on the field, but now it’s like I’ve never even played the game before. I have started jumping rope, and I am utilizing German Body Comp training 3x/week. I was wondering if you could give me a somewhat detailed description of agility ladders, or at least tell me where I can get some info so I can incorporate them into my program. Keep in mind I don’t have access to fancy equipment. Thank you so much for all your help.

Well you are making a good start with the rope work - how is that going. Agility ladders need not be fancy and can easily be constructed with taping/marking an group of 16-18 inch squares. As far as describing them - now you have me stumped of how to pass them to you in a forum setting. My athletes receive series of mpegs and diagrams to describe the roughly 10 exercises you do but unfortunately I cannot post attachments to this forum. Tell me more of the rope work and how it is going. In faith, Coach Davies

Well the rope stuff is a bit humbling as well but I can’t deny that it’s an excellent workout. I just wish I knew about all this stuff as I was playing in high school as I’m sure I could’ve gone D1 with the right information…instead I settled for NAIA. I’m having a difficult time right now with the fact that I’m not the player I used to be due to my intensely competitive nature, not to mention I’m hearing about it from the other guys, but I guess that’s more of a psychological issue. The majority of teams we play are Hispanic, and their passion for the game is admirable. They don’t do a lot with agility training, weights, etc (at least here I should say) but they are always playing. I really enjoy German Body Comp (well, the results anyway…not necessarily the training itself) and I’m assuming your Renegade Rope program is the way to go for the rope work. I’m looking to improve with that but I’m also really trying to minimize muscle loss at the same time. I read in your interview w. T-Mag that you are working on a book…any idea as to when it will be out?

Please try to use the rope routine found in the T-Mag article. Lets get this area up and we will try to add to it shortly. My book has just been completed and I hopefully will be able to announce its realease soon. Can you fill me in on your practice days as well so maybe I can make some suggestions. In faith, Coach Davies

Well to be honest, I’m pretty much starting from scratch. None of my teammates will practice with me during the week (and they wonder why we’re 0-2), so the only training I have been doing is the German Body Comp workouts from Poliquin’s beginner phase on MWF. Off-days I just started doing the rope work first thing in the a.m. on empty stomach. I guess I’m looking for a real nice balance between getting some of my ability back and maintaining my lean body mass. I’m not looking to sign a pro contract or anything obviously, so I would have to say that I would like to emphasize lean mass maintenance more than anything. I have been utilizing bodybuilding more than anything the last few years, but my cardiovascular conditioning/agility has suffered trememdously as a result. I’ve never had good natural endurance even in my soccer prime, but I was always the fastest player on the field.


I suggest you try non-weighted GPP I went through a session with my buddy and he puked everywhere. You will be in amazing condition after just a few workouts. Combine it with Renegade rope training and you will be a cardio machine.