To stack or not to stack?, That is may question!

Should you take Tribex-500 while taking Androsol, or after the cycle, or both?

I think their are benefits to both, but i would probably take androsol by itself, then over lap towards the end of the cylce with Tribex and continue Tribex for your 4 week off period.


Both, If you can afford. But then when would you take off of Tribex? I would probably due them separatly? That way you can always be on some form of T booster.

I’ve had great results in the past doing a 2 week cycle of Androsol 70 sprays 2 times daily followed by a 4 week cycle of Tribex 4 capsules 2 times daily. I believe this is the way Chris Shugart cycles as well. Good Luck.