Howdy T-folk. Here in Australia, it seems that the only Clen avainlable (and is illegal, sorta, well only vets use it) is the powdered form. Like creatine. I was just wondering if any of you out there had used it in this form (dosages), and what the results were like?

I got my hands on a little a while back, and starting using it for bulking. I think it worked OK, but man, the pain “during” workin’ out was SO INTENSE!!! The growth might have been a placebo effect, not sure… anyway, I started using it a while later for cutting up, and it didn’t do sh!t. Oh, yes it did, it gave me the mother of all headaches! ECA has given me superior results.

Has anyone experienced better growth on Clen, or substantial fatloss? Any input appreciated.


P.S. Also heard that Clen has the effect of transforming slow twitch to fast twitch muscle fibres over prolonged use, couldn't verify it anywhere else though. Is this news to anyone...?

Clen does not cause growth. It was thought to be mildly anabolic back in the day because it is in animals. But not in humans. I prefer ECA or MD6 for fat loss over clen.