Clen and MD6

How much better is clenbuterol than md6 or other over the counter fat loss supps…? is it a lot better or just slightly better? basically is it worth its price compared to MD6 or others? better bang for your buck type question.

Clen isn’t better at all! My theory is that people think, “Oooh, it’s illegal so it must be better.” Not so, at least in my experience. MD6 or any of the top fat burners are better. I do know a few people that prefer clen, but I can’t stand the stuff. I felt awful when I used it, strung out and shaky, no euphoria, yet results were the same as EC-type combos. Actually, clen doesn’t do anything in the way of appetite suppression (at least not for me) so products like MD6 are better in that regard.

And BTW, it’s a myth that clen has anabolic properties. I believe that came from misinterpreted animal studies, not sure.

Clen. is not better than MD6, or any other ECA stack for that matter. First off, to use Clen properly, you need to take your temperature a couple of times a day or more…every day. Depending on your body temp…that will reflect the amount of Clen. to take. VERY TEDIOUS. Now, if you stack Clen w/T3, that would be better than any OTC thermogenic. T3 is a thyroid hormone, so more safety factors come into play.