Chuck Taylors

Due to the recent recommendations (recent to me)I will be buying a pair of Chuck Taylors to lift in. My question is hi or lo tops? From pictures I’ve seen looks like powerlifters prefer the hi tops. Not being a powerlifter, I’m interested if anyone has any advice on which pair I should buy for general lifting.

hitops are preffered. but i squat in wrestling shoes myself.

K-Y or Astroglide? Ribbed or glow-in-the-dark? Boxers or briefs? Tartar control or whitening? Moisturizing, deodorizing, or anti-bacterial? If only we could answer these perplexing questions, all my physique problems would be over.

I think i read in a article by Dave Tate, that he perferrs the hi-tops, mostly for ankle support. Anyone, feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

It’s your call on what is more comfortable to you. I squat barefoot when I’m at home, and use wrestling shoes (only laced part way up) when I’m at a club. Lacing up the shoes (or using other, stiffer high tops) just gets in the way in my book. The canvas used in the Chuck Taylors would only supply minimal at best ankle support. The real advantage of the Chuck Taylors is the thin sole and squared edges.

Hey Dave, after reading Dave Tate and Louis Simmons say that they are the best shoes around, I had to get them. Hell these guys should know a thing or two about lifting! Anyway after using them on a squat day I can literally say that these are the BEST shoes I’ve ever used. I’ve used all kinds, even otomix and have to say the chucks are the best. I felt so stable in them. The high tops(which I recomend) give good support around the ankles. I definetly suggust you getting a pair. I think you’ll love them.