Chest Routines w/dumbbells

I work out in my home gym and due to the fact that I don’t have a spotter I work out exclusively with dumbbells. I’m looking for a good 3-4 movement routine for Chest that I can do with dumbbells. Any recommendations?

Flat bench,
1 1/2 bench,
1 1/2 flyes,
Telle flyaways (issue #28 and #47),
Pre-exhaust routines,
Descending sets,
Ascending sets,
Strip sets,
21’s (yep, works for chest too),
Swiss ball work (with all the above variations), Back-off sets, 6-1-6-1, X-comp,
etc etc etc

Bench press, flyes (though watch for deltoid overload), pull-overs, vertical (overhead) press. All you need.

do supersets of presses followed by flyes. Ex. do 6 reps presses followed by 6 reps flyes. With the flyes i keep a totally extended elbow to minimize any cheating. 6 supersets is enough to blast me for a couple of days. If you are going for mass make sure that you pause at the bottom of the press and that you get full motion with a slow eccentric. I usually cut the weight in half when doing the flyes. let me know how it goes. laters pk

I am in the same boat as you, although the only reason i do not bench is because i lift too damn earily for all of my buddies to join me…pussies… anyhow, my bench actually went through the roof after not doing it for about a year. I think its because i tended to do more back and tri work being that i was not benching.

I hate DB presses as my primary movement. I dont know why but every time i do them instead of barbell presses my weights go down considerably. I usually will rotate incline with flat every three weeks or so.