In my quest to put on mountains of clean solid muscle I have found that in order to keep my sanity (and shovel in a couple extra calories) twice a week I have to go all out and blow the diet…I was just curious what everyone’s favorite cheat meal was.

Usually something at the diner … like their complete meal special for a mere $12.95 (diners rule in NJ). Start off with a Coke, soup, salad w/bleu cheese dressing, then either a cheese burger delux or chicken slovaki or chicken parmesian, and french fries with heaps of melted mozzerella on top. If I’m still breathing, I’ll finish it off with cheese cake and coffe. That is my ultimate cheat meal … once a week tops! And I usually don’t go all out like that.

A whole box of Fruity Pebbles with whole milk.

Italian buffet. Not quite as good as my cooking (there is a reason my husband used to be 300 lbs) but at least there is no clean up and no leftovers to crave the next day.

Texas BBQ. Mmmm man! The place I go to has ribs the size of your arm. We’re talkin the opening scene of the Flintstones, where the car flips over. Anyway, I get a few of those ribs, chicken, cole slaw, baked beans, some big thick slices of bread, onion rings, wash it down with a few beers or coke… and then throw down a hot fudge sundae for dessert. I swear when I eat this meal I can feel stretch marks forming.

just had one last night at 3 am. A whole bag of bachman bar b q corn chips 3 cokes, two blueberry dougnuts, and a steak and cheese sandwhich.

I have a strategy for taking a cheat meal when I really shouldn’t, but can’t resist. If you have a Mongolian style grill in your area, you can take a cheat meal that tastes damn good and doesn’t horribly violate your diet. At the one I frequent, you can go through a buffet style line and pick out exactly what you want. They provide uncooked meats, seafood, veggies, noodles, nuts, and fruit & jello for dessert. You put what you want, and only what you want, in a bowl and bring it to the front. Then you can put whatever sauce (sesame oil, garlic, hot pepper, etc.) you like on it. They take the bowl from you, cook it right in front of you, and you know EXACTLY what you’re eating. If you’re on a ketogenic or reduced carb diet, you can skip the noodles and any offending veggies and stick with the meat. The only downside is the sodium, so watch the sauces. This beats junk food and still satisfies my cravings. Then again, nothing beats a meat lover’s pizza and beer (when I deserve it, which ain’t often).

Since it is my post, I probably should interject with what I cheat with. Here goes…Olive garden 10’ pizza with extra mushrooms, sausage, and cheese, about 10 breadsticks, a salad with 2 inches of parmeson cheese, 6 or 7 brewskies (preferrably on tap) and a black tie chocolate mousse cake for dessert. I approxamate my bi-weekly gorge at around 2,000 calories on its own.

JEEZUS ROBUSTO! You eat that in one sitting? If I ate that I’d need to mainline pure adrenaline just to keep from diving into a coma. THAT is a cheat meal!

P.S. You probably scare the hell out of the staff at the Olive Garden. Good work!

robusto, you are the only person i know who eats more breadsticks than i do. i too go to the olive garden for my cheat meal and the waitresses always give me weird looks when i ask for two baskets of breadsticks as soon as i sit down. i usually follow that up with wedding soup and either lasagna or something else, depending upon how many breadsticks i actually ate. but no matter what, i go to town on those little mints they give you with your check. mmmmm. thank god tomorrow is cheat day…im getting hungry!

Robusto, I think 2000 calories is an underestimation of calories! A whole pie of pizza is carbs up the ass, so is the beer, breadsticks… that’s a robust 5000+ calories, I would imagine!
My cheat meal here in Rio de Janeiro is a toss up between the all u can eat meat bareque restaurant (cheap, only $6.50 with the strength of the dollar) and the pan fried steak n’ onions, rice and black beans in sauce, with a fresh squeezed fruit juice and then later a 700 ml (30 oz) chocolate milk shake, very thick. If I can still breath, I dig into some apples and grapes at home, but that’s a rare night.

On Saturday nights for supper I’ll put a dab of butter on my bake sweet potato. I think it’s important to have our cheat days.

Hey crash, I’m a big cereal nut as well. I’m so addicted I force myself not to buy it, ever! My fave has to be Reece’s peanut butter puffs cereal, once on a ‘carb up’ I downed a whole box in what seemed like only a few minutes. Damn that’s good shit.

My cheat meal is absolutely rediculous for a reason, I weigh 170 lbs. not only do I do my cheat meal, but I am certain to still fit in my five other normal smaller meals that day. BTW, my cheat days are on legs and chest day in hopes that the extra cals will help me excel in those deptartments.

Demo Dick those Mongolian restaraunts are great, used to go to one in city I used to live in, sadly don’t have one local anymore. What about the extra strong chili that leaves your lips, tongue and mouth numb!! Robusto do they give you a shovel for all that? Way to go, you could feed a small African country for a week with that!
For me the cheat depends on the crave at the time, may be cereal, pizza, burgers, Ice cream etc. (not all at once tho)