Carla's question about Udos

Carla, wanted to let you know that I responded to your post regarding
Udo’s and putting it in your post-workout shake. I was disappointed to
see that no one responded, that is, until my response never showed up! I
am thinking that others responded too, and that their responses were
never posted either. (I don’t believe that your fellow T-maggers would
ignore such an important topic.) There’s probably something wrong
“technically” with your post. It has happened here before. I searched
previous messages for that question and the answers and the page has
expired. I don’t remember everything that was posted, but I do know that
you definetly do not want to add any EFA’s into your post workout
shake. EFA’s slow down the digestion of carbs and protein, which is a
good thing, except after a workout when your body needs the nutrients
ASAP. Hope that helps.