Carbs/Cals for GS project

I having trouble making my diet for the 2nd phase of the Growth Surge Project. My set my goal calories at 5,500 and 45% carbs equals 620 carbs. Here is my plan: Eat 8 meals a day. On lifting days, 2 meals are 3 scoops of Surge (1.5 scoops before & after). 3rd meal is: oatmeal, 16 oz oj, yogurt, 3 scps. Adv. Protein. 4th meal is: large salmon bowl w/ brown rice & broccoli, 1 low carb myoplex drink. 5th meal is: 2 pieces breead, 1 banana, 2 scps. Adv. Protein, 8 oz. chicken. 6th meal is: 2 tbps. natural peanut butter, cottage cheese, 3 scps. Adv Protein, fish oils. 7th meal is: 1 apple, 1 protein bar, 1 MyoPro MRP drink, and ??? That’s all I have and still need another meal. I need some carb suggestions since I’m way off right now. How’s the plan look so far? Thanks for any help that is provided.

Throw in some more veggies. Potatoes (sweet and white) are a good source of carbs for gaining purposes. Don’t forget other fruits and veggies too (corn, green beans, spinach, etc). Pasta is another possible carb to add to your diet.