Can you help me come up with a routine?

I need some help making a routine…
Here is what i’m thinking:
Day 1:
-Upper body
Day 2:
Lower body

Day 3:
Pylos and cardio

Day 4:

Day 5: Upper body
Day 6: Legs and abs
Day 7: cardio and pylos

Does this sound good?
I’m using a bench like this-
What lifts should I do for each group?
What about ab routine? Russian twists? Crunches?
Thanks, I’m pretty much a newbie lifter so I really appreciate the help.

It would help you provided more info like your goals (fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance?), age, stats, etc.

I’m 16, around 160LBS and height 5’10.
Goals: Get in best shape possible, I’m a sprinter so that’s why i’m doing the pylo’s.

Your program would be too extensive for me to explain in great detail…not to mention that I was long distance in high school so we would do totally different types of training compared to you guys. Type “sprinter training” in the search engine and that should give you some idea of how your workouts should go. If I were you, you should just stick to road runs or an indoor track (especially in the off-season) for your cardio workouts. For example: 3-5 miles per day, combined with a hardcore speed track workout EOD, taking 1-2 days rest. Make sure to change-up the track workouts to increase speed and agility, Two examples: 8/400m @ 70-75 second pace one exercise (rest is approx. 1-2min. between), and 16/200m @ around 25 seconds or better each. Your coach will fine-tune your workouts for you if you ask, not to mention he’ll be amped when he sees someone like you training hard in the off-season, which will guarantee a varsity slot! As far as weight training, read the articles provided in the search. Good luck man!