Calories- Massive Eating/Bodyopus

Hello all…I have found John’s Part 1 & 2 massive eating articles very interesting, though curious to know whether the calorie equations can be adapted into a ketogenic based diet i.e. Bodyopus etc. with 70%fat & 30% protein being consumed Mon-Fri. prior to a load of carbs over the weeknd. Your comments appreciated.

My experience has been that when on keto diets and eating the same calorie levels as when eating a more mixed diet, people tend to gain more fat. But guess what, until YOU try it, you will never know if it works for you or not. So give it a shot and let us know on the forum here how it turns out!

Many, thanx John, I’ll drop your 22 equation down to 12, though will take into account the other energy expenditure factors that I didn’t when applying the 12 cal. to my LBW which only had me running on 1500 cal. a day.I achieved 6% BF on this intake, though only really maintained and not gained muscle (surprise, surprise)