Caloric Needs

In various articles it states for estimating calories (bw x ??). Well that may work if you have 10% b/fat but if like me you have 25% and looking to lose bodyfat then that doesn’t work as well as I would be taking in too many calories. Is there an equation for working out caloric needs if you are aware of you b/fat % and LBM??
Any help would be be appreciated.

Marky Mark

Tune in next week for a very detailed way of doing this. It takes EVERYTHING into consideration. You’ll find it in John Berardi’s “Massive Eating” article. For now, that info has been presented in several diet articles at T-mag. The “Diet Manifesto” article contains links to all of these.

Don’t use your lean body mass, if you are over 20% b/f, take 10% off and figure out a body mass that way. If you’re between 10-20% b/f, take off about 5%. Example: if you are 200lbs @ 25% body fat, take 25%-10%=15%, 15% X 200 lbs = 25 lbs, 200 lbs - 25 lbs = 175 lbs. Use this weight with the following formula.
When reading the T-dawg diet, I found an equation stating the following:
Start with your regular bodyweight. Multiply by 18 for a fast metabolism, 17 for a medium metabolism, 16 for a slow metabolism. I have a medium metabolism, but I went with the 16 instead, because the 17 seemed like a tad too much. Example, 175 lbs x 16 = 2800 calories. From this number, subtract 500 calories (2800 - 500 = 2300 calories. This is your daily caloric goal. On non-workout days, you might want to drop an extra 100-200 calories from carbs. Many people will reflect many different ratios of fat:protien:carbs. I find that really high fat, low carb, moderate protien doesn’t work for me, but it does for others. These ratios will take some experimenting. My current ratios are 20% carbs on workout days, 15% on non-workout days; 35% fat; 45% protien.
I hope this helps. Remember a couple of other things: moderate cardio helps, but may require additional calorie intake so as to maintain current lean muscle mass; MD6 is good for appitite suppression; Androsol is good for adding and/or maintaining muscle mass. Some claim Methoxy 7 works too, but I have yet to see it make a difference.

Thanks for the advice Choad!! Like me you are not having a lot of luck with the T-Dawg diet either. Are you having more luck with your current approach or is it too early to tell? As the T-Dawg didn’t work for me is it worth trying the Fat Fast? All I want is to see my Abs!! Is that too much to ask?

A frustrated englishman!!

Marky Mark…Tim answered a similar question in Behind the Scenes this week. Actually I think it may have been sent in by Choad, not sure though.

After posting my earlier respose, I went and fully read the current Reader Mail. There is a pretty good response there too, similar to mine. I didn’t try to bogart the info from the readers mail section, my reaction was simply from experience and reading a lot.