Just wondering, how much caffeine do most of you drink a day? Some days I have 3 large coffees throughout the day. I’ve slowly gotten myself to one large cup in the morning and one small in the afternoon. Sometimes I’ll have a diet coke here and there. Anyway, how bad is all of this caffeine for me. Besides the dehydrating effects, is there anything else I should be afraid of (besides yellow teeth)?

I prefer to save caffeine for when I really need it. I seldom drink coffee (and never make it a home) and avoid colas. That way I keep myself receptive to it and when I do need it for a pre-workout boost or whatever it’s effective. When I do use it I prefer tablets. I buy cheap generic ones.

Power Drive in the morning has helped get me over my caffeine/ephedrine addiction. I had really burned myself out on that stuff at one time. (See my “Jack Yo Ass Up” article in the archives of T-mag.)

I don’t think caffeine is bad as long as you stay hydrated, but what’s the point if you get too used to it? Read my older “Dawg School” columns; one of them talks about how to wean yourself off cokes and coffee if that’s what you want to do.

Ditto to what Chris said. I rarely have any cola type drinks, never tasted coffee (hate that stuff…), and basically keep my body free of caffeine unless I need it for performance/fat burning reasons. Try to ween yourself off it all bud. And good on ya for doing as well as you have up till now… cheers, Mark.

Actually there was a study recently that said
there was no evidence that caffeine was dehydrating.Sorry but can’t remember where I saw it.

Monday thru friday I have a mocha with 3 to 4 shots of espresso in the mornings. then a coke at lunch. On sat and sunday its maybe 2 large cokes at most. Now when I use any thermogenics I stop all of that of course.

On a side note - my first post and I started the GVT - ouch - lol. Great mag and forum!! Looking forward to starting the boosting natural t-levels stack as well.

Hmmmmmm Caffiene, What’s better than coffee? Nothing. If I don’t have coffee in the morning I generally just feel like bashing someone. Plus it makes that morning crap a pleasure. Also, I accidentally read in Cosmo that chicks dig yellow teeth. It’s also a much more acceptable addiction than say, smoking, and who doesn’t appreciate a good addiction?

I’m caffeine free! Stopped drinking soda more than 13 years ago. And never liked the taste of coffee. It’s rare that I ever do something to jack myself up.

My wife and I have home-made lattes every morning, and then I “supplement” throughout the day with Penguin caffeinated peppermints. I love those things… :slight_smile: