Cable vs. Barbell Rows

Is it better to use a cable machine or barbell for bent over and upright rows, or does it matter? Thanks.

Patty, I think both should be used. Free weights should compromise 60-80 percent of your workout (in my opinion). I would start out using barbell or dumbbell rows for a few weeks, and then switch to cable rows for a few weeks. This way, your body won’t adapt to the exercise and you’ll be able to keep making gains! Remember, there is no best way to train. Everything has its purpose. Good luck!

Use BOTH !!! variety is the key to continual progress

If done with free weights, i do it with dumbells. I still haven’t found ONE good way to do bent barbell rows. I hate machines in general but i love cable when it comes to rowing. I think Poliquin posted one of them as top 7 upper back builders even.