Butt Wink

I have a butt wink and can’t squat atg without losing the arch in my lower back or even maintaining neutral. This is with heels elevated on a 2 x 4.

What stretches should I focus on or is this just part of my anatomy that I have to deal with or get over and move on to a new sport? My family has a history of back problems so squatting with poor form is not an option so I’d really like to get this sorted out.

thanks for any advice. i’ll try to get a video of me squatting tomorrow if i can find a camera.

p.s. - these are front squats

Stretch your hamstrings and hips, do dynamic mobility work before your workouts. You’ll always have a slight bit of pelvic tilt if you squat rock bottom, but I don’t think that’s too much to worry about. I always squat ATG and don’t have problems as long I stay mobile and keep my form good.

Have a look on here: mobilitywod.com Helped me out a hell of alot, some really clever stuff on there. And the guy actually knows what he’s talking about.

is it only your front squat that is problematic or is it ALL your squats?

i had trouble with the roll under and it turned out i needed to learn to hold my arch ‘sitting into’ my hip flexors (strange feeling). for me the issue was one of motor control / proper neurological recruitment.

the issue might be different for you… but i’ve found a few people who thought they had tight hamstrings… and it turned out that the issue was neurological recruitment.

check out ripptoe’s article ‘back position for power’, too. might be that you are having trouble knowing what it feels like to hold / maintain the lumbar curve through the ROM??

Thanks for the replies. I’ve been stretching and doing mobility work quite a bit and I’ve noticed an incredible improvement in the depth I’m able to achieve while maintaining a neutral back.

I’m pretty sure it was just my hamstrings being way too tight.


check out the latest article on stretching being BS.

but maybe you are right. maybe your hamstrings were too tight. there is always a first.

anyway… cool to hear that you have made progress on this :slight_smile: