Butt out of proportion

My hips and butt are out of proportion with the rest of my body (they are bigger). What can I do to fix this? I dont think I should give up squats because of the hormonal reasons that are said to be beneficial to ones entire body gettting bigger with doing them. Any suggestions?

Give up squats, leg presses, and deadlifts.
You won’t regret it (if you are training
for appearance and good strength as opposed
to maximal strength.)

I did and most definitely don’t regret it.
It did take a couple of years to finally
get a good proportion between upper body
and hips, but that wouldn’t have happened
at all had I continued with squats and DL’s.

I dont believe that squats and deadlifts make the hips wider. Now i have a huge ass and i know it comes from the aforementioned lifts but my hips arent wide at all. Ian King mentioned the fact that having a pelvis which is anteriorly rotated can put more tension on the glutes. i checked my posture and sure enough my mine is anteriorly rotated. Im sure as hell not going to start doing leg extensions.

Bill, would you mind telling us what you do instead? Leg extension and leg curls? I have been looking for alternative exercises to do because I’ve been trying to rehab my knee for the last year or so, and I’ve found that leg extensions do not hurt my knee as much as squats, but it doesn’t lend itself to max loading.

I wouldn’t give up squats, I would up the weight, decrease the reps and decrease the volume. Why give up all that strength? is your upper body small? If you mean that, then specialization on upper body may be the cure. Giving examples may be helpful. measurements, routine, etc.

Hyok, as heretical as it is to say so, yes,
I do just leg curls and leg extensions
for the upper legs, and their appearance and
shape has improved as a result of it actually,
as well as getting a welcome reduction in
hip measurement.

I’m the same way, although I won’t quite call myself Assmaster. Except for me, it’s due to fat, not bigger muscle. I have a ripped stomach, but my ass, quads, and calves are too big to be proportional (let’s just say that very few males store their fat in their lower body, usually their gut gets fat first, by my gut is the last place my body stores fat.). I’m training for the ideal proportioned body, but it’s hard to account for body fat storage patterns that I have no control of.

BTW, androgens do quite a bit, and do it permanently it seems, to redirecting fat
distribution to a more android (man-like)
pattern fif starting rom an androgynous (intermediate)
pattern. It doesn’t happen in just two weeks
but after a total of several months on,
the difference is pretty obvious.

I have definitely “thickened up” my already big ass and legs by squatting heavy the past 1 1/2 years. Waist has thickened up too. Not fat either. However, as a wise man once said…"Down the road, in a gym far away, A young man was heard to say, No matter what I do my legs won’t grow. He tried leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses too. Trying to cheat these sissy workouts he’d do! From the corner of the gym where the hardcore train, through a cloud of chalk and the midst of pain, where the heavy iron rides high, and threatens lives, where the noise is made with the big 45’s, A very big man with legs like trees, laughing as he snatched another plate from the trees, chalked his hands and wrapped his knees, said, "Boy stop lyin and don’t say you’ve forgotten…Trouble with you is…you ain’t been squattin!!!.. Man what a loser I am, sitting here typing all that out on a Friday night!!

This seems like a good place to post some
more “heresy” about leg training that I’ve
observred: Squats don’t do shit for me in
terms of quad growth. (And I’ve tried doing
all the common variations of them.) They make
me stronger sure, but all they make bigger is
my ass. I’ve gotten much better results in
terms of quad growth from doing hack squats.

Similarly, dead lifts are a great exercise ... for back and traps - but they don't do anything for my hams. Deads don't even make my hams sore. I get much better hamstring growth from stiff leg deads...

I don’t train for strength, but
hypertrophy. And now I read that Bill has
given up squats. I’m seriously considering
ditching the squats. Maybe I should have done
so sooner…

As much as I hate squats I’m not about to ditch them. I don’t get good thigh growth from them either. I just want to keep the power. Every rep hits me right in the upper glutes. Just do a well rounded session with some other stuff like leg curls, extensions, lunges, deads, etc.

I agree with Bill. Free weight squats seemed to hit my ass and hips more than my quads. Made my waist thicker too.

Switched to Smith Machine squats with my legs way out in front of me so my back stayed parallel the whole. If you keep a very narrow stance with your knees only about four inches apart, it hits the quads big time but my butt still got pretty sore.

Started doing hacks. Seems like this would be the same form as the smith machine squats that I was doing but my butt doesn’t seem to be getting hit as much…

I agree with Bill on this one. Im coming at this from an entirely different perspective though. I was one of the “genious” weightlifters that didnt think you needed to work your legs, when i first started anyway. So there i was 3 years later with a great upper body, supported by popsicle sticks. :slight_smile: I do squats on occasion, but usually only to shake things up. I dont do them regularily. I do hack squats much more freguently because for me they make the legs sore. Leg press i do sometimes. My main focuses are hack squats and leg extensions though. The piece i have to put on this is that my legs are getting bigger now, but the thing ive noticed of relevance is that because i didnt start training my legs till later, and that i never really done squats, my legs are developing quite nicely, and to boot, my ass isnt out of proportion at all, and my hips and waist make a nice x body shape cause they are small. So as far as i can attest, ive been able to build decent legs(still far off my goal mind you) without really squatting or leg pressing

I have the same problem, every since doing flat footed squats to the floor my ass is the only thing that has gotten bigger, now I use a board under my feet and only go to 90*. Perhaps someone from T mag should write an article about developing your legs while avoiding the potential Jenifer Lopez ass, not that I don’t like hers but not on me. If any one else knows how to build the legs while toning the butt let’s here it!

I dont so much mind my ass’s size because I would hate to have no ass to hold my pants up but the only thing that really bothers me is my wide hips. What do you recomend now that I have updated my earlier post.

Hi Guys,I’m planning on using more Good Mornings for my leg days as D.Tate suggests. Has anybody done this routinely and noticed the same side effects as deads and squats? I also noticed my hips and waist getting thicker(I don’t mind the butt part)and found that lunges and stiff legged D.L. improved the asthetics without too much strength loss.

Could it be that your asses are doing the brunt of the lift because it is relatively strong compared to the other muscles. Like a guy with strong pecs going benching will feel his pecs next day because they lifted the most and not his weak triceps. While the tricep is a big contributor to BP prowess. If a muscle becomes strong out of proportion the body is gonna rely on it, it isnt interested in squat technique or balanced ass development… just to get the weight up as efficiently possible at the moment you do it.

Does anyone know what excercises can be done to correct the rotation of the pelvis? I have it pretty bad and gives me that “ghetto booty” look!

I think we need a few t-girls to chime into this thread. I am 6’5" and have always had good legs and calfs (rare for a tall guy) but my upper body has always been narrow…(damn genetics…lol) Anyway, have been filling out the upper body slowly but surely…still need some help up there…but anyway I have that “ghetto booty” as you called it and I have found that most women love a great backside on a guy…in fact I have been told it is my best feature…so before us guys judge what is and isn’t a good thing…lets hear from the ladies before we quit the squats…what do the T-vixens like? PS for me as soon as I quit squats…the rest of my body stops growing!

I’ve tried many variations of squats and find all that grows is my butt too.I generally use hack squats and leg extensions and have got much much better quad development withoout the ghetto bootie look.
I have read that hacks cause excessive force on the knees however and also the same about leg extensions.My knees do go forward past my toes when I do hacks, but this position gives me goog quad growth and less in my glutes.Am I risking my knees doing this? Any alternatives?