Bulking and cutting

If a person has a plenty of time, what is your opinion about the following
strategy: four week bulking phase according to Massive Eating followed by two week cutting
T-Dawg style? Is it going to prevent the metabolism from going down and is four weeks enough
for the thyroid to adjust to a higher metabolic level? Do you recommend any other bulking vs.
cutting ratio and how many weeks each? I am trying to come up with an optimal scenario for
modest muscle gains vs. fat los - I have a long way to go and I don’t want to lose a lot of
muscle because I won’t be chemically enhanced along the way, except for the EC.

People have been trying to come up with the optimum scenario for size gains and fat loss for 50 years, yet no one’s done it. Why bang your head against the same wall if you don’t have to? Here’s a size/cuts cycle that will leave you bigger and stronger and well defined each summer (since you have plenty of time).
Size/Strength Cycle - October, November, December, January: work out 2 - 3xs a week, stick with the basics, eat like a horse, let the jacket hide the fat. Diet/Cuts - February- start cleaning up your diet/ stop training for strength/ size - add more sets, more reps, more exercises - March, April, May - add aerobics. Maintanence - June, July, August- continue to eat clean - don’t push your self too hard in the gym, just maintain what you built over the winter. September - slowly move back into the Size/Strength phase by going back to the basic exercies and adding more food to your diet. Wash, rinse, repeat. That gives you 5 months of bulking, 4 months of cutting and 3 months of maintanence work over the course of a year. It lets you get fat when it doesn’t matter (winter) and lets you get cut for when it does (summer). You should be able to add 5 pounds of muscle for each succesive summer until you hit your natural limits. Yeah, getting fat sucks, but this is the real world, not some issue of Flex where everyone seems to be ripped all year round.