Build Strength First or Bodybuilding Routine?

[quote]Reed wrote:
Why not attack both at the same time[/quote]
Pretty much this, yeah. It’s not an either/or situation. A “bodybuilding” program that has one strength-based lift anchoring each training day isn’t that hard to find.

And really, based on what you said your strength was before bulking and is now, you kinda screwed up, didn’t build much strength in all that time, and lost a bunch of muscle along the way.

[quote]dapunisher1 wrote:
heres how my lifts improved

  started    ended

bench 155 230
military 95 160
squat 185 325
deadlift 185 365

I started bulking back up again in december and now I just

benched 185
military pressed 120
squated 225
deadlifted 315.[/quote]
So if I’m following this correctly, in a total of two years time, you’ve gained 30 pounds on your bench, 25 on militaries, 40 on squat, and 130 on deads. That’s not the best progress, man. And the worst part is that you asked for advice several times along the way, got tons of it, and it just didn’t seem to take.

In all your other threads, you never minded sharing pics. Any chance of putting up some shots of your current leaner, bigger state?

Do this:

Don’t overthink. Follow it to the letter, eat appropriately, and re-evaluate where you are after 90 days (48 workouts).