I’ve read that Brovel’s Deca can be potentially “dirty”. Is there a way to tell if there is contamination or use a filter to protect myself. I’ve used a couple of shots in one vial and had no problems, but I want to play it as safe as possible. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Here are the types of contamination that are possible:

  1. Bacterial. If this is the case, and the bacteria are not spores, you could sterilize by heating in a pan of boiling water for say 10 minutes, or even 5 minutes if you swirl it around as you are doing it so the oil heats up. Something to watch out for is that air pressure will build up… this can be fixed by inserting a needle/syringe.

  2. Particulate, insoluble chemical toxin. Filtration could remove this.

  3. Soluble chemical toxin. This cannot be removed by any simple method.

Problem here is that I don’t know what category or category’s Brovel’s stuff falls into. My guess is soluble chemical toxins, about which you can do nothing, combined with perhaps occasional bacterial infection, since this does seem to occur more with Brovel products and should not occur at all with sterile products.

Basically, best advice is to trade to a “friend” for something better. Not a good friend, someone you don’t really like.

Thank you for your time Mr. Roberts.
I will take your advice. I’m not willing to take any major risks with my health.

I’m just getting ready to do my first shot of t200 (brovel) today, However, I have friends that have used the stuff for years, without incident. Are they injecting 7cc/day? No, but I think you’re safe with reasonably sized injections.

Don’t believe the hype. I wouldn’t say that Brovel stuff is 100% sanitary, but I know about 10 guys that use it in my gym and have never had a problem with it at all. In my opinion I believe that most infections and are due to poor hygiene and/or bad injection techniques.