Brovel Labs Testosterone

Is brovel labs testosterone legit? It’s labeled in spanish, 200mg bottle, any info would be appreciated.

I read somewhere, i think it was on this website, that brovel did not meet their claims as to content of their products. for example, if it is listed as 200mg/cc, then it may be actually as low as 140mg/cc. but the product is real. however, in my experience, brovel is cheap so you can just take more cc’s to make up for it. i have a few friend taking testosterona 200 @ 2cc/week and they both gained around 10lbs, so brovel can’t be too bad.

Brovel makes the shittiest, uncleanest, underdosed crap.
Use it at your own risk. Perhaps you might wish to go
back and read some of the people who wrote to me about it
in my columns…