Brokeback Mountain: The Director’s Bulk

I was just talking with a powerlifter about this yesterday. I’m as strong on close grip as I am on normal but normal makes my right shoulder hurt. He basically said it’s because I have shitty scapula control especially with not having my labrum in my right shoulder. The close grip artificiality makes everything tight because of the closeness. Just some food for thought

I decided to make my heavier volume work slow cambered wide grip bench to see if it helps.


Conjugate - W2D2 - DE Lower

Speed Squat: 250x3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3
Speed Deadlift: 330x1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1
Leg Curl Drop Set: 180x12, 160x7, 140x8
Decline Sit-Ups: +45x12/12/12

Back in MD!


T-bone, spinach, and a hash with 2 eggs, egg whites, potatoes, spinach, onions, peppers, and guac. Plus Coke Zero.


Conjugate W2D3 - DE Upper

Speed Bench: 180x3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3
Press: 135x10/10/10/10
Pull-Ups: BWx10/10/9/7
Uni. Hammer Curls: 40x9/7/6
Pushdowns (RP): Max x21+10+6, Some Extra w/ Brother

Elliptical: 18:00

Random SSB showed up in the gym - no idea if someone’s just storing it here or if the it’s the gym’s. If it’s the latter case, that’ll be a cool ME movement to throw in. Presses felt great today.


My gym has one, but some retarded human ripped the pad off of it….now the bar is circumcised.

I miss using that thing, it’s great.


Conjugate - W2D4 Squat

Pin Squat: 2x315, 2x345, 2x360 (PR)
Shrugs (Forgot Straps): 275x10/10/10/10
Leg Extensions: 226x8/8/8/
Decline Sit-Ups: +50x12/12/12

Incline Walk: 15:00

Saw stars after that rerack lol. Wasn’t able to do my drop set of power shrugs on account of not bringing straps, so I just banged out a few quick sets of ten and moved on.

Final grades came out, and went about as expected. Was hoping that a 97.5 would get bumped to an A+ (it didn’t,) but my 4.29/4.0 still puts me among the top law applicants any given year.

Got a 104% on my final paper for a professor who’s writing one of my rec letters, which likewise bodes well.



well done.



Conjugate: W3D1 ME Upper

CG Bench: 1x235, 1x250, 1x260 (PR Any Grip)
DB Bench: 90x8/8/8/8
Chins: 45x5/5/4+1/4+1
DB Curls: 35x8/8/8/8
Machine Fly DS: 185x12, 150x7

Incline Walk: 15:00

Good grind on that heavy single. Big props to the guy I had spotting me for not taking it. DB bench still increasing well


nice work

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Conjugate: W3D2 DE Lower

Speed Squat: 255x3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3
Speed Deadlift: 335x1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1
Decline Sit-Ups: 55x12/12/12
Leg Curls: 185x8/8/6.5

Incline Walk: 15:00

Fun day :]


Conjugate: W3D3 DE Upper

Speed Bench: 165x3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3
Press: 145x8/8/8/8
NG Pull-Ups: 10/10/10/11
Light Pushdowns + Hammer Curls

Incline Walk: 15:00

Elbow was a bit pissy, so I took the accessories easy today, since they were both single-joint elbow movements. Pleased with everything else though :]


Conjugate: W3D4 ME Lower

Pin Squat: 1x350, 1x375, 1x385 (PR)
Power Shrug Drop Set: 405x11, 315x11
Leg Extensions: 230x8/8/8

Incline Walk: 15:00

Great fight for that single. And a parallel pin squat at >95% of my normal squat max is a good indication that I have a PR ready to go down the line.

I pulled my left lat or something near it (where it connects to my ribs, more my side than my back) on my warm-up with 275 (your guess is as good as mine,) so that hurts like a motherfucker. Will make a decision tomorrow on if I’ll Deload until the end of the week (today was the end of the block anyways) or if I’m feeling better.


One of my friends/adoring fans/cult-of-personality-members has drawn me lol. Will probably make it my new profile picture


Had to Google, but I definitely see the resemblance lol.

Wikipedia says “His modeling career began when he was discovered by a photographer while working out,” so maybe there’s some hope for me after all


Lat strains suck my guy, hopefully its minor and clears up quick. Also congrats on the bench PR, seems like close grip is working great for you

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I’m not too worried about the strain - I had a really bad back injury before I started this log (like one that ended up requiring surgery) so a strain is just an inconvenience.

And thanks! I pretty much just chose close-grip at random to do for this block, but it turns out it works pretty well for me.

Not to be fear mongering or anything but I pulled a couple ribs out once while Z pressing. Thought it was a strain. Similar to your description. A chiropractor put them back, and it took nearly a week to get feeling ok again.

Hopefully not that, but its a simple thing to fix by a DO or chiropractor.

First time I have noticed you post. I haven’t read your log but thought this was powerful.

Suspect it’s not a big deal for you, but I appreciated the post. I will be following your log moving forward.

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I think I’m gonna give it at least day or two before I see a professional. It doesn’t feel unlike strains I’ve had before, so I don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary. I appreciate the concern though.


Anyone who’s reading my log is appreciated :] (except for one guy like a year and a half ago, but that was its whole own thing).

To anyone who’s going to click their way into the linked “body fat estimate” thread there, I promise what I said makes way more sense with a few hundred posts of context lmao.


I started reading it, and will read all the way through. I am on post 70 I think from 2022 so I am looking forward to reading the rest.

Obvs, you are comfortable being out so I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal for you to identify as the “resident fag.”

I still think it was powerful.