Booze and Tlevels

Saw a message posted here which stated as some kind of proven and accepted fact that every drink you take lowers T-levels by 5%. Obviously this can’t be exactly right across the board but can it be anywhere close to true? No wonder it took me 3 years to work up to a 300 lb bench. Any insight into this alleged correlation anyone?

I think Cy Willson and/or John Berardi have written about this before at T-mag. Poliquin has also mentioned several times that booze (to the point of being drunk) greatly hampers your gains in the gym. He said that one of the first things he does with his clients is to have them swear off booze. Bottom line: If you’re really serious, you won’t get drunk. And no, I’m not a puritan, I like a beer or two. I just don’t get drunk. My genetics are bad enough as it is! Might as well not make it worse!

I’m a Finnish bb so trust me, I know everything about booze and bb. It has been tested and proved time and time again that alcohol lowers T but hear this: drinking three small cans of 5% strong beer will LOWER YOUR T LEVELS 60% FOR SEVERAL HOURS!!! I will NEVER forget the day I saw this research result. AND it’s definitely not some magic ingredient in the beer, it’s alcohol. We’re doomed. Sorry.

I don’t know the exact levels your T levels will fall to for every ounce of booze you drink, but there are studies showing alchohol is a potent anti-androgen.

TL! As Finnish guy too, how often you drink
getting drunk? once a year?

A fellow Finn? Nice to hear from you… Heh, I get drunk more like once a week, heh heh… Well, it depends I guess. Sometimes I might go a few months sober but then I might drink 2-3 times a month for months in a row. The summer is a bad time in this respect, lots of boozing…How about you Mickey? And where are you? I myself am in Hki.

I ONLY drink getting drunk.It’s a waste of money to drink a couple of beers after sauna.Novadays,I don’t drink very often,maybe 3-4 times per year.Yes,summer is bad.I am from Tre.