Booze and Body fluid

Hey… What is scoop??.. If I’ll take booze the day after I look like a dry as a martini…othervise my friend looks opposite way… like he would be “on” he got a moon face.

You’re reaction is the more common one caused by dehydration. I am not a doctor but it sounds like your friend may have some liver and/or kidney problems that don’t allow for the complete filtering of the alcohol thru the system and water retention.

I can’t remember where, but a few years ago I read a research paper
discussing the ills of alcohol as related to bodybuilding. Its premise
was that alcohol is the antithesis of creatine monohydrate. Moderate
to high doses of alcohol act as a “cell de-volumeizer,” squeezing all
the fluid and all the nutrients out of the cells, leaving them looking
like deflated punching bags.