Bodyfat % changes with age

The topic of bodyfat % is one of the most common on the forum, with some real low figures being quoted. I had a check today and what a fatty 19.6% at age 39, the thing that gets me is that if I were 10 years younger I would automatically lose 3%. Check was done using calipers on 4 upper body sites. I have heard that you store fat more as you get older, is that right, if so could someone elaborate a bit more. Also, the old ABCDE diet has proven to be a crock of … but do you reckon it might work if it were modified a bit using fat fast 1 week and then maintenace calories for a week, cycling for about 8 weeks total?

Yeah I think people store more intramuscular fat as they get older this is why one automatically gains fat as they get older. I know in my case the older I’ve gotten the more my gut sticks out kind’ve from the “inside out” …even though the amount of fat that i can pinch hasn’t changed that much. Regarding the ABCDE diet check out TC’s new version. I think it’s called the Delta 1250 diet.

The way I’ve usually seen it refered to is that muscle mass tends to decrease as we age (on the order of 1% per year after age 35). This decrease in muscle lowers the metabolism, and makes a calorie excess, which is then stored as fat. So how does that explain those who are gaining muscle mass into their 40s? Don’t really have an answer to that, other than maybe it’s due to the excess calories required to gain mass being less efficiently utilized for muscle. Lifting definitely helps this situation. May need to add some metabolics.