Bodybuilding- Pump MIA

I decided to post this here as part of the joy of training for bodybuilding is the experience of “the pump”. It is something that I’ve almost always looked forward to on training days and gives you direct feedback that you’re doing something right. All that said, after 25 years of training experiencing a good pump is more and more elusive. I am consuming plenty of carbs (probably too many at this point), water, creatine etc but any pumps are not as glorious as previously had or even nonexistent despite intense training.

I figure this has something to do with age, mind muscle connection etc. Anyone else over 35-40 can confirm this experience? If so, where you able to change something to get it back?

Thanks in advance.

What rep range are you training in? Good luck getting a pump off 5 or less reps, but 20 reps is nearly guaranteed to produce - especially if you are accentuating your eccentrics.

Ever since getting into my 60’s getting a pump is about impossible for me. But you should consider that I had dermatamyositis when I was 48, which attacks the vascular system associated with skeletal muscles. So my experience might not represent your situation

Supplement wise, beetroot powder/juice or citrulline malate to increase nitric oxide levels, or you could just take viagra or cialis to do the same.

Glycerolmonostearate combined with citrulline malate and water preworkout is my recommendation trying out.

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Was the lack of pump a gradual decline over time or acute as a result of dermatamyositis?

I suppose I should give a “pump supplement” a shot. Other than the actual pump efffect have you gotten any other tanglible results from using things like this?

Reps are all over the place but nothing less than 6 at this point. I should mention that all my training is done at a garage gym now since the pandemic. Mainly freeweights along with a cable machine, so machine isolation is no longer part of my training.

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Are you feeling run down or overly fatigued? Missing pumps are one of the first signs that I’m not recovering enough. A few days off while prioritizing sleep and relaxation almost always helps. Regular aerobic work (easy – HR 120-140 BPM) also seems to keep that problem at bay now that I’m a bit older. Not sure why but it seems to help.

If you’re interested, give Poundstone Curls a try and see if you manage to achieve a pump. It’s (at least) 100 curls in a row with an axle (you can use a 35lb bar to supplement). If you don’t get a painful biceps pump, im willing to bet the issue you’re having indicates a lack of recovery or CNS burnout.

Feel free to check YouTube for poundstone curls and follow the advice of Derek Poundstone regarding this subject, as he is the person who coined the method.

Run down does not to begin to describe how I have been feeling in recent years. The sum of all things definetly is heavy on my shoulders. This is a good callout.

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It seemed more like a decline over time, but there was a significant drop due to dermatamyositis.
Post 63 years old seems a nearly nonexistent pump occurrence.

Sounds like more life stress than training stress, but when was your last week off from training?

I also wonder if there isn’t a connection between sarcopenia and failure to get a pump.

NO boosters increase nutrient uptake to the muscles, also drugs like viagra and cialis improve endothelial function and insulin sensitivity, and I assume supplements would do the same.

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How’s your sleep? It might be a factor to consider since your carbs are pretty high.