Bodybuilding is dead

This is the most insuting article ever written on bodybuilg especially on a “dangerously hardcore site”.In every field where people want to excell there will be extremes.

The truth hurts sometimes.

I thought it was pretty lame too.

The article’s dead on. I’ve lifted for 25 years now and have seen it all. Chris has it pegged. When I was young, I looked up to these guys. How can you idolize some bloated steroid boy that sucks dick for drug money. Weight training is great, but bodybuilding as a sport is dead.

I believe the dick sucking for drug money was quite prevelant back in the “glory” days aswell.

The article paints a pretty horrific picture. Most of us won’t be able to verify much of it. Using my skeptical mind I would go at it this way: what does Biotest/Tmag have to gain by lying in this ariticle. The only thing I could come up with is that Biotest/Tmag doesn’t use these guys as their spokesmonsters. Or maybe one of these guys kicked sand in the Shugster’s eyes or something. Both are unlikely and irrelevant. BUT!!! the great thing about this sport, is that it isn’t a sport (if you disagree with me then read Chris’ article again). Its a way of life, its looking in the mirror and being proud, its walking down the street with confidence. The journey is the reward, enjoy your workouts.

THIS article was the most truthfully written article about the current state of competitive bodybuilding I have ever read. The current crop of pro-bodybuilders are a joke - and I STILL admire the guys from 20-30 years ago. As well as the women from 20-years ago.

The solution would be to begin honing the competitors at the state/regional shows - to go back to a certain "look" or "criteria" and maintain that continuity through out up to the National level shows. But really, I don't know what can be done. Bodybuilding will (I guess) always be relegated to the back of the room (and in the corner) behind even "bowling" in importance as a sport - and remain just a "sub-culture".

Isn’t the guy who wins the Mr Olympia the guy who sucks off Joe Weider?

I could care less about bodybuilding, past present or future. Myself and my progress is the only motivation I need…I don’t need a picture on Ron Colman posing to motivate me, nor do I need one of Arnold’s “profound” quotes. I actually admitted to myself recently that I was a “bodybuilder”, but I cringe at the fact, because of the stigmas attached to bodybuilding.

The article was fantastic and points out many excellent points.
Now I’ll be balzy and say this. Everybody wants the edge…i don’t think it can be refuted that products such as those made by biotest and other supp companies (which are legal) indirectly drive the use of other illegal steroids. If everyone can use “prohormones” and other “supplements” to get jacked, the big dudes got to push the limits. Obviously, w/o supplementation (esp. prohormones and anaobolic hormones) we couldn’t get *That big naturally. Its a fine line. Myself included…I am on the edge…for me its an integrity thing…where do i draw the line between natural “supplementation” and exogenous aide?..shit its a tough call…I’ve thought about prohormones, but me personally (again, just an opinion)–it would rob me of my integrity at this point. Point is, in this “who is the best and biggest society” people are going to do pretty much anything.
that is of course, unless they have integrity, and good judgement, and even then, it may be feasible to “ethically and correctly” utilize exogenous hormonal substances…where does everyone draw the line?
later vain

To call Chris Shugarts article insulting means your either blind,stupid or maybe both. I found it to be absolute truth and admired him for having the guts to write it. It’s what I basically tell clients who aspire to be a mutant. The majority of the bb’s at my gym, which is an old school sweat factory believe just the way Chris does and think bodybuilding has gone to ridiculous measures. Pro bbding in my opinion sux big time. I would much rather have a symettrical, and athletic look than look like someone who would pull a muscle taking a shit. Steroid use is not the problem but steroid abuse is. Chris, congrats for hitting it right on the money and if you ask me it’s the pro’s who are insulting. I know of no one other than some uninformed 16 yr old meathead who would want to look like Ronnie Coleman, but I know quite a few people who would love to look like Arnold or Frank Zane. Some times the truth hurts.

I think this article came out during an appropriate time like this. I just heard that the IFBB got the axe from the IOC. That means, all these years Ben Weider has been trying to get bodybuilding olympic recognition just went down the drain. Apparently, the IOC is not interested in having bodybuilding as an event.

Thought it was right on the money.

Why was it lame? He’s not saying anything bad about lifting weights or lower level bodylifting. He’s talking about the upper level bodybuilding and the huge amount of drugs they take. He also doesn’t say anything bad about steroids. I think the article had some good points.

Article’s the dead on truth. I only wish we had the sport back to the way it was in the 60’s and 70’s. Alas…

The article was not insulting. The people the article was about are very very insulting. I don’t even look at the guys because they are so disgusting. And the women are worse. (I mean, you would expect the disgusting from the guys, right? :wink: And Chris is right about it turning many many women off of weight training and that’s a real crime.

I agree with the general sentiment expressed here. Just a comment or two about the people who were “insulted” by Chris’s article and about The “T-Mag” crew in general.

I read these guys because I have come to EXPECT them to be straight shooters. I don’t always agree with what they may say, but I don’t think that they would expect me to. Give me the information, and then it’s up to me to draw my own conclusions. More often than not, these guys are right on.

Insulting article? That’s ridiculous. Folks, it’s a tough world. There are Teens on the streets that will engage in sex with a fat bum for a pack of cigarettes. So it ain’t hard to believe (and it CERTAINLY isn’t a stretch to believe)that someone would clean some rich dudes monkey to support a drug regimen that can sometimes amount to thousands a month.

Another thing; I’m getting sick of this whole idea that “reaching one’s potential” or “pushing the limits” or “being the biggest/fastest”…whatever…is somehow inherently admirable? At any cost? I don’t think so. I think it was MB who recently saw one of the Pro’s face to face, and he felt like the guy looked and sounded like death warmed over. Maybe people like the poster think this way, but I don’t. There is nothing admirable about pushing the limits of incarceration and early death.

To the editors and writers of “Testosterone”. Keep giving me the straight scoop. I’m a big boy with a thick hide. You won’t insult me. However, you WILL insult me if you start spoon-feeding me a bunch of bullshit and fluff.


Did anyone see the pic of Jay Cutler standing beside of Blechman in the new MD? What the fuck is wrong with Cutler’s face??? He looked like someone with a birth defect. It was huge, sickly and fake looking. What really made it stand out was he was standing beside of a normal looking guy (Blechman). He didn’t used to look that way did he? Is this a side effect of some kind?

I remember reading somewhere that in the old days in bodybuiding contests participants were required to show a proficiency in some other sport as well. That way it was more or less guranteed that they still were athletes.
Most of them picked powerlifting, and some were very strong at it, for example Sergio Oliva. It would be nice to have something like that today too. Make sure that the guys are athletic and those muscles have some functionality, that way the synthol would be out of the picture, maybe…

According to one book I read (“Little Big Men” I think), the pros often let rich gay guys suck them off for money. That way, they’re not doing the sucking so they’re “not gay”, just taking money to get a blow job from a guy. BTW, the “Little Big Men” book is pretty insightful. Also see the “Venus Beach Sex Cult” article at T-mag if some of this is surprising to you.