Bodybuilding is dead

“anonymus” - Your spelling is insulting.

Let me guess, you’re 15 years old and a Ronnie Coleman fan/closeted homosexual. Chris hurt your feelings by exposing the truth about your heroes and your sexuality, correct?

As the saying goes, if it really pisses you off, it must be true.

Any guesses who the pro at the airport was Chris was referring to?

As kids, we trained to get
better in sports. We took
drugs to get better at sports.
In football, we wanted every
edge over our adversary.
Moreover, we knew that the
athletes got all the respect,
an with respect came pussy.

I came from an abusive household.
That aggression was then redirected
outward at school. I wanted to
be bigger, stronger and scarier
than the other guy.

We used to do the test of strength
as kids. I went at it to maim and
injure the other guy. I used to
pick on one slow kid, Davey Maura,
I called him Davey Moron. I used
to bend his writs back trying to snap
his radius and ulana like chop

I was at a arm wrestling match
in Suffolk County when one
guy cracked his opponents humerus
like kindling. It’s a big
bone, so it was loud! The guy was
so proud of himself. I get a
boner just thinking about that.
As a stupid kid, I went home and
did sets of curls with my 110lb set
hoping I could do the same to Davey
or Blinky at school on Monday.

People are inherently rotten. So you
have to be bigger and stronger to
survive in this world. That’s the
motivation to lift. Survival of
the fittest.

I don’t give a shit about Jay Cuntler
or how much shit he uses to become
Acromegaly Man. It reminds me
of Dennis Neuman. The kid was cocky
about his good looks, the money he
was making, his Acura NSX and banging
fitness honies two at a time. When
he fucked himself up I thought, “yeah!
Fuck him!”

I think we need guys
like Dave Draper. I look at a loser
like him and say; “better you than me,
you withered, old pathetic drunk.” I
feel better about myself when I see
people who are worse off than I.
If everyone were at the same level
of success the world would be a boring

Additionally, It is fun to gawk at
these human atrocities like circus
animals, shake your head, wonder
about what kind of fucked-up childhood
they must have had, and then go on
with your own life. Like it or not,
it is human nature to revel in others’
suffering. Like the WTC collapse, it
was addictive to watch, as long as you
were from a safe vantage point.

In conclusion, I just thought I would
share that with you.

Insulting. No, insulting is saying your mother likes to be gang-banged. You talk about extremes in every field. Shooting juice until you are a freak is not an extreme. Liver and kidney failure are not extremes. Is a lifetime of side-effects and problems extremes? Not being able to get it up and going bald. An extreme would be like running the 400 meters in a race so hard that you throw up afterwards is an extreme. I don’t like steroids. There are people that do. That is fine. MAYBE if they are doctor suprivised, then it would be all right.These “bodybuilders” now days are sick freaks. They don’t even look normal.For bodybuilding to truly be a sport, then there would have to be drug testing. There would have to be all kinds of sanctions and testing done. That will never happen, so it will continue to run itself into the ground. And the sucking dick for drug money. I would at least have the dignity,if you would call it that, and be a pornstar. At least you could have sex with the finest looking women in the world and get paid. All they want are muscles and dicks. Hell half the guys in porn are the nastiest things ever. Oh, I forgot, some of these misfits can’t get it up because of their sauce. Granted not all of it does that, but it can happen. The Body-for-Life program is more interesting to see than these competitions now days. At least these people have real results.

I have no problem with top level bodybuilders being gay (i am straight) or whatever they are. What I don’t like is that they are presented as health and athleticism models when they actually can’t carry their own luggage as Chris said. Let them do to themseves whatever they want to(as long as it donesn’t hurt anyone else), suck dicks or fuck each other, its their own lifes and its a free country, just don’t lie to unsuspecting people about them being poster boys for health magazines.

Horatio you are wacked… I can understand survival of the fittest and all… but wanting to snap some fat slob’s writsts or hurt the guy… well that to me (not a psychologist so wtf do I know eh?) signals that you were abused as a kid, and then you lash out on others. Dood get some help, or if you grew up and are a decent guy now then good job.

Great article Chris now how about an article on supplement companies trying to bullshit the public consumers… Tell the truth on how a supplement is actually formulated… Is it by true studies on human athletes trying to gain mass and size or was it old studies from athletes that did olympic athletes and supplement companies created products for the normal consumers…

Or how MuscleTec has a guy posing as a scientist with becker and chemicals with a hydroxycut digitally enhanced on the scientist hand… LoL…

This whole fitness industry I think is getting out of hand… personally… Although who am I to judge???

Chris’s article was dead on! You know, when I was a kid, I always loved to visit my uncle’s basement/weightroom. He had Arnold and Lou all over the walls along with fitness bunnies that I would admire and we would pretend we were pulling off their bikini’s with our thumbs and index fingers…
But no more. It’s more realistic for me to work towards being Spiderman than some of today’s professional dick suckers. And I have GOOD GENES!

I would like to thank you Chris for using the nuts that God gave you for the good of mankind. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who read your article and thought, “Finally! I’ve been thinking the same thing for years.”
Keep it up!

Dude, I know how you feel. Someone, sometime ago on this forum, coined the phrase “physique enhancer” for those of us that prefer not to be included in the “bodybuilder” cesspool stereo-type.

Pro-bodybuilding scares more people away from real weight training than any other phenomenon I can think of. What started off as a health oriented, aesthetic pursuit has been bastardized into a freakish dog and pony show that disgusts people on sight. Good riddance.

I also agree with the article. He couldn’t have hit it on the head any better.

Everyone keeps referring back to the 1970’s bodybuilding, as the peak of the sport. But dont you realize that there were bodybuilders in the 50’s, and the 40’s. People have been lifting weights for a long time. Dont you think that 95% of each generation referred back to “the glory days of bodyduilding”. I mean people in the 70’s saying they wished the sport was back to the days of the 1950’s. The fact is that the general poopulation and much of the lifting community has always considered the current champ to be ridiculously muscular. I guarantee you that in 30 years, people will be wishing for the glory days of Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. Dont believe me? Where do you think genetic engineering/drugs will take the sport in 30 years. Imagine a potent myostatin drug that worked wonders on these already 265lbs ripped to shreds monsters. Who knows what will be walking out there in 30 years. But i guarantee you people will have the discussion we are having now, and wish for a return to the more ‘aesthetic’ look of Ronnie Coleman.

Its true what Jason says. Back in the day(not that i was born then, hehe), they thought Arnold was a freak. It was only until he got into movies mainly in the 80’s that little boys like me wanted to be like him.

But as Jason said, imagine the state of bodybuilding in 30 years!!! They’ll probably look like bulls! lol

Is Chris Shugart just another name for Howard Stern. Body Building has gone to the extreme end of Drug use. Big Fucking Deal! All sports/athletes from the olympics to the WWF use roids. It is a cycle of change just like the 70’s and 80’s were for dope and coke use.

Chris spoke volumes or truth with regards to how shitty the industry has gotten, but industies change. Look at the level of dope testing at the olympics. Or for that matter look at Darrell Strawberry, the world is not letting him slide.
Chris, your article woke up a few readers and thats good. Without a few extreme opinions life would be boring. I hope you talk about how sex is over rated in your next article.