Bob and Chris Shugart

Hey Chris!? Did Bob ever show up or did he pussy out like as expected. That would be so cool if he took the initiative and started his way onto T-mandom.

“Bob” (not his real name) did not show up. I waited 30 minutes, then decided to go up to the local high school weight room. I still have a key from when I was a teacher there. Had a great Christmas morning chest and back workout. There’s something really cool about training alone when everyone else is asleep. You have this feeling of getting ahead of the masses. Very cool.

Know what you mean. some of my best workouts have been on holidays during the dead time between get togethers. I have a fully outfitted gym in my office with a power rack, glute ham bench, reverse hyper, power block dumbells, calf machines, etc.The feeling is fantastic when all is quiet except for a little Rob Zombie or Sabbath playing on Christmas morn. If you’re ever in Pa. look me up, you’re welcome to catch a workout and get some free ART.

The hardest thing to deal with is when people like “Bob” give YOU advice on training or dieting. Am I right or am I right?

Chris, it sort of makes you dissapointed in the general public, doesn’t it! On the other hand you might consider yourself lucky. I’ve started training my mom after she asked me to. She is getting results but goddamn is it frustrating pushing her through her workout. I’m easing her into it, not pushing her very hard but man is her perspective of effort is so very different from anything I’ve encountered.