Board press and floor press

What is a board press and a floor press? Also, is there an article somewhere about how to increase your deadlift?

The floor press is where you just lay on the floor rather than a bench and do a press with a bar or dumbbells. Not positive on the other but a search at T-mag would help you out. I think Dave Tate has written about both of these for T-mag.

yeah i read dave tate’s article but didn’t know what those two presses were. so in the floor press your arms have a limited range of movement, only till the elbows touch the ground? what about a board press?

Board press is bench pressing off a board placed on your chest. The thickness of the “board” can be varied to work on the lower potion of the lift whereas the floor press works on the upper portion of the lift.

I couldn’t seem to find an answer on exactly how floor press benefits one. I have tried it before and for sure it is a good workout but I never understood its advantages/disadvantages. Any comments?

The descriptions below are right. Both exercises help your bench press. Especially the top half. That’s helpfull if you wear a bench shirt in competetion. I wouldn’t use these a great amount if you’re a bodybuilder, though.

In the articles I’ve seen they like floor presses because it take the legs out of the movement.