Blood Work

Anything look out of whack? Little concerned with the HDL and Test levels…thought I’d ask for any other opinions. 24year old male.

HDL 43 >=40
LDL 61 <130
TOT 115 <200

TOT TEST 447 (245-1836)
FREE TEST 11.6 (12.4-40.0)
%FREE .3 (.2-.68)

What’s wrong with the HDL levels? You’re above 40 and your overall cholesterol is low, so your HDL will be lower anyway…nothing to worry about there, IMO.

Well the HDL is barely above the range…I would like for it to be higher, I think some people have it up in the 60range. Also I left out the main reason (although this is right on the indicator too)

HDL2 10 (>10)

And for what it’s worth on a couple others:

BUN 23 (7-25)
CREATININE 1.2 (.5-1.4)

I believe that’s from a higher protein diet along with supplementing with creatine though.