Black magic dura gains

Has anybody tried this product. I just ordered it see if it works! Black magic duragain

All the teenagers love SARMs.

Almost as much as they love to buy fast cars they can’t afford and dont know how to drive.

There’s metaphor in there.

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is that what this is…a version sarms

Did you really just buy a product and not look at the nutrition label on the back?

Go ahead and google that first one and tell me what it’s used for.

If you can’t understand what google is saying about it, can you instead tell me why you think you should be taking it?

There are no shortcuts. Anyone offering one is selling you snake oil, or more likely they are trading your long term health for short term gains - on your unwitting dime.

Stop flailing around and just get consistent in the gym. Stick to a program, work your ass off, get your protein in, and beat the logbook. No great physiques were ever built without these things.


wow didnt see that. still gonna try it lol


:joy::joy::joy: piss your money away… go for it.

I like his commitment! lol


I ordered by accident but fuck it lol lfg!!!

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No worries, his training is perfect! Just ask him.


These are the responses and reasonings of a teenager coming from the mouth of a 39 year old man @Mjscreen

I’m out


Those yam extracts are notorious for making dudes spontaneously G4P.

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Go big or go home lol

Your funny guy :rofl:

*You’re… take the advice brother. Stay off that crap

I’m gonna take it since I already ordered it and then stay my routine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You seem to ask a lot of questions on this site and then you don’t get the answers you want so you argue or disregard the advice given by folks with much more experience than you. Why is that?

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Idk :joy:

Your next post should have a qualifier after you ask for opinions saying: “PS: I’ve already made up my mind and there’s nothing you can do to sway me!”

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:joy: love you too

Legit - this is a relatively small community. You should tone it down.

Several solid and respected members have let you know that you are a little off, pushy, overly enthusiastic.

Feel free to ignore my advice, but it will begin to get ugly.