Black magic dura gains

In light of this:

I’m going to call a huge ditto to this wonderful post:

Seriously. Work your tail off in the gym first. Optimize your routine. Hit your workouts, eat healthy, prioritize sleep and do all of that consistently for a long time and then worry about extra supplements beyond the standards like creatine and Surge and the like (except this one. I honestly don’t think it’s worth it and wouldn’t look twice at it, personally).

If you ask a question, be open to learning something from other people. If you want to do your own thing, don’t ask–sure beats posting and then “well I’m doing it my way anyway.” There’s things I don’t ask here because I’m already set in my ways and I don’t need other opinions (respectfully), but when I ask things here I really want to learn and hear from others smarter than me. Not that I have to do what everyone else says, but being open and teachable and respectful to people you ask questions to goes a long way.

Are you familiar with the “sunk cost fallacy”?