Biotest Products Results - Androsol, Methoxy-7, Tribex, ZMA

I just completed a (6) week cycle of some of Biotest’s “best” products with mixed results. Following is the dosage plan that I used:

Weeks 1-4 Tribex (4 caps 2x /day), ZMA (3 caps /day)
Weeks 5-6 Androsol (70 sprays 2x /day), Methoxy-7 (2 Tbl 2x /day)

My training was constant (6 day split, training once every other day). My diet was constant (3400 calories, 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat) for the first 4 weeks, but per Bill Robert’s recommendation, I increased my daily intake by about 800 calories and 100 grams of protein for weeks 5 and 6.

For the first 4 weeks, I experienced no recognizable effect from either the Tribex or the ZMA. My weight remained constant at 206 lbs, my strength increased only slightly (normal) and I didn’t experience either an increased libido from the Tribex or better quality sleep from the ZMA.

Weeks 5 and 6 were a different story. About a day into this portion of the cycle I noticed an almost constant fullness, kind of like a mini-pump all day long. I didn’t feel like punching through steel (TC), but I did feel bigger, stronger and somewhat more aggressive. My training weights increased nearly every workout and I could tell from my cloths tightening that my measurements were increasing.

When I weighed in at the end of these 2 weeks I was pleased to see that my bodyweight had increased from 206 to 215, a 9 lb gain. Unfortunately, after doing my bodyfat measurements, I found that 4 of the 9 lbs that I had gained were fat. Still 5 lbs of LBM in 2 weeks is not bad for someone who’s been training for over 20 years and is usually a relatively hard-gainer.

Based on other feedback I’m assuming that the Androsol was more responsible than the Methoxy-7 for my gains, but to clarify this, I plan on taking them during separate (2) week intervals during my next cycle. Obviously I’ll also reduce the amount of extra calories and protein to try to avoid the fat increase as well. I’ll report back with these results in about 6 weeks.


Jon, sounds good, but I bet you did better
than your bodycomp results indicate. Keep
in mind that body composition tests easily
have a random error of 2-4 lb of fat.

Because you really could not have gained
4 lb of fat in 2 weeks while gaining, according
to the bodycomp test, 5 lb of muscle, by increasing calories
over maintenance by only 800.

800 calories times 14 days is 11,200 calories.
Divide this by 3500 and you get 3 lb of
fat. No way you could have gained more than
this! So then if you gained 9 lb, six lb
or more must have been muscle.

However, gaining 6 lb of muscle certainly
uses up calories, so you didn’t have 11,200
excess calories anyway.

Unless you ate more than you thought you did,
best bet is you gained only 1-2 pounds of
fat, and, out of 9 lb total, 7-8 lb of muscle.

Body composition tests really aren’t valid
for small changes, especially if LBM is
changing at the same time.

In any case, great results!

Thanks Bill. I don’t know why that post appeared on the front page since I posted it back in August. Since then I have done a second 2 week cycle of Androsol and gained 2 lbs this time, 1 lb LBM and 1 lb fat from my calculations. I think next time I may try it with a little Fina mixed in for even better results.