Biotest product names

I am interested in how you guys came up with the “Mag-10” and “M” name. What do they signify? Does Mag-10 mean “magnify your results by 10-fold” or something? :slight_smile:

The way that Biotest comes up with such
unbelievably fabulous names, the envy of the industry, will have to remain a secret guarded to the death!!!

There’s a rumor that Tim Patterson has been dropping tons of cash on phone calls to Ms Cleo for psychic advice on product names, but that can neither be confirmed nor denied.

I’ve convinced myself that MAG stands for Maximum Anabolic Gains.

I dunno maybe the created needed a 10x magnification to see his penis? haha kidding
shit bill roberts is gonna kick my ass!

Yah i mean’t creator in previous post, and yes MAximum Anabolic Gains sounds good.

I think Biotest should let me come up with the names for their products. I smart. Lets see here’s a few examples:

Mag-10 = Get Big Fuel…opps that’s if I was working for twin labs…Steerods hipidy dipady!

M = No tittie,

ZMA = Zima