Big differences with MRP and Protein Shakes

So what exaclty is the big differences between high quality protein shakes and MRP’s? It seems to me that the MRPS just contain more carbs and vitamins/minerals than a prot. shake. If one was trying to stay on a protein diet wouldn’t a good protein shake be able to replace a meal? It just seems to me that there really isn’t a big difference but the minerals from MRP’s to protein shakes. If anybody can shed some light on this it would be appreciated.

You’re right about the main difference. Also most MRP’s have a blend of different types of protein. If you’re going to use a straight protein powder for a meal on a protein diet as you say (I’m assuming you mean a ketogenic diet), you need to get some type of essential fat with it, otherwise you’ll just burn off the protein for energy instead of getting it into the muscles for repair. If you’re going keto, you could add flax oil, Udo’s or something similar but you’ll need at least a tablespoon. Some mix it right in, but I take it separate so it doesn’t ruin the taste of my protein shake. Hope this helps.