Best Time to Take Alpha Lipoic Acid

I believe somebody had posted this previously but I don’t think it got any responses, so I’ll give it a try. John B recommended taking up to 600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) to increase insulin sensitivity. For this purpose, what is the best time to take it? All at once? Divided doses? With meals? On an empty stomach? Any info would be appreciated.

Although the effects that John B. talks about are long term, ALA does have short term antioxidant properties which can be very beneficial for the body. Since ALA has a relatively short half life (I think it is 45 min if I remember correctly) I would recommend taking it in divided doses with meals.

I think I might have read somewhere that 30 mins prior to meals was the way to go. Mind you that sometimes will give you heartburn due to the acidity

Okay, weird question here…anyone else get that “Asparagus scent” when they pee after using ALA?