Best Protein & Creatine Supplements?

I am 21 6 '5 240 and plan to go on a good training cycle now till september to gain mass and muscle. I plan to buy protein powder and creatine, and maybe some other supplements. What would you guys suggest in terms of
a) Protein powder? (quality and taste, I wanna buy a huge container like 10lbs)
b) Creatine? ( once again I plan to buy a huge container, would you get plain or say cell tech? I was looking at cell-tech? any good? or is there something better?
c) Other supplements that may help be get big, adding lean muscle mass, not dead weight. I want to maintain a lean body but add muscle. I do not want to get plain old big, I want to maintain to look somewhat cut, or improve my cut look.

PS any advice you guys could give me would be greatful. I mainly need your advice on supplements which are worthwhile.

Optimum nutrition protein tastes good,mixes well,and is pretty cheap(online 5lbs for $25 or so) As far as creatine goes forget that cell tech junk,just pick up some micro creatine somwhere,also think about picking up somthing for PWO like Surge,and some glutamine…

Buy Grow! for your protein - better quality, better taste, and better price than anything on the market.

As far as the protein goes.In my experience if it comes in a 10 pound tub chances are its not that great.LC GROW is the best thing on the market and I’ve shopped around alot.Amplify,Muscle Milk, about everything from ISS Research.It tastes great,works the best,plus its uber cheap now.As far as your other supplements.I dunno it would be a little easier to give advice if we knew how much body fat your carrying at 6’5 240.

If you haven’t already be sure to read

Massive Eating Reloaded
Temporal Nutrition
The Science of Nutrient Timing

Applying the principles in those articles will help you ensure most of
your mass gained is lean.

As for creatine, any micronized creatine monohyrdrate will do, don’t waste your money on anything fancy.

Other supplements I would recommend checking out are Surge, and r-ALA. Not sure about the protein powder as I am in the UK.

Hope that helps!

Muscle Provider Chocolate by Beverly International is expensive, but awesome.

I suggest Grow Protein. I have tried them all (not kidding, and Grow is the best!

For Creatine I recommend Pro Lab.

Now that Grow is as cheap as crap buckets of whey, go for Grow. Read the ‘Protein Insider’ article on this site and learn why it’s better to buy the good stuff.

As for creatine, get the cheap plain white kind. No need for the big kool aid tubs. I’d get fat off those carbs anyway.

Grow is a fantastic tasting protein.

BUT, from your post I think we need to clarify when to take it.

Grow is perfect anytime except before, during, and after workouts. That’s when you want a hydrolyzed whey (Surge) simply because it absorbs faster.

Keep things simple with the creatine - micronized is definately the way to go and take it with the Surge. Don’t get all caught up in the “competing with protein theory.”

Good Luck.

Best protein - Grow, HSN driver&primer

Best creatine - Nitrojet by blackstar labs & Kreatine Ultra

Don’t even consider CellTech. It’s a rip. If you really want to take your creatine this way, invest in a jug of powdered Gatorade and mix it with your creatine and protein powder.

As for protein powders, the cheapest ones aren’t always the best ones. Don’t buy a 10 pounder only because it’s cheap. Chances are you’ll go MONTHS before you finish it all. After owning my own sports nutriton store (hence the name, Mass Nutrition), I’ve tried pretty much EVERYTHING. I finally narrowed it down to ProLab and ISS Research for quality, price, and taste.

Try mixing some vanilla protein powder with orange or lemon-lime Gatorade and 2 scoops of creatine… fuck, I’m drooling.

I really like Syntrax’s whey isolate powders (nectar, Isomatrix) but they are a bit pricey compared to a lot of stuff…ISS is overall a very good brand. And of course, you have to try GROW sometime as well, its great.