Best PR Songs

What song do you listen to? When I go heavy on ohp I like:

SlipKnot – wait and bleed

Sometimes 50 Cent - Gun Go Off

Any other recommendations?

I’m more of a groove guy than a hype guy. So anything with a groovy rythm I can get in to. Tool, Down, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Corrosion of Conformity…

I like a ton of other music while lifting, but this is my PR song.

It has a certain pacing that works. Enough energy to get amped up for the first attempt but if you fail, a timed cooldown section if you fail, then the second buildup to try again, then if you’ve failed both lifts, then the final “Fuck it, I don’t care if I hurt myself, I’m doing this,” comes at the end.

Celldweller and Rage Against the Machine both have pretty decent covers of this song too.

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Please note that when I started lifting weights there was no music in the weight room. What I found most distracting about no music was the “dead” silence between talking and weights clanking. When music became part of the weight room scene, it filled in the dead silence spots. That was a good thing.

Going forward with music, my preference was music that became unnoticeable after a few moments. It could be elevator music, for all that I cared. I have always been more “cranial” in the gym than emotional. I don’t need to be amped up to lift anything. I am amped when I enter the gym.

For me, any music that I am “listening to” or “distracted by” is bad music IMO. I know that is counter to most everyone else. I appreciate lifters who wear earphones to listen to their preferred music.

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VooDoo Child SVR or LaGrange ZZ Top


Tupac - Hit em’ up
Meshuggah - Bleed
Gojira - The art of dying
AiC - Man in the box
Slayer - Raining blood

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