Best Place for TRT

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Was wondering where is the best place to go for trt in the UK,exclude nhs.
Been waiting a year for nhs but the endo keeps me waiting to see if it’s getting better naturally…
Waiting for blood results done through my local steroid clinic to have exact hormones levels and not just “your testosterone is 70%lower that it should be”…

It would be good to know what country you are in. Saying NHS leads me to believe not in the US? You can use Defy or Mereck Health in the US. Not sure about Canada.

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forget docs. especially UK where this is sort of legal, buy it from UGL. will give you sources.

I’m in the UK and do things myself, I get bloods done by a company called Optimale

This is mainly as I’m old (57 when starting around 3 years ago) so the NHS are not likely to treat as its seen as normal age related.
If I had been younger I would have tried getting it through the NHS so I was legal, got bloods and proper feedback on them, knew what I was injecting (no guarantees on UGL) and could look at things longer term.
I do realize some of these things may not happen with any provider (government regulations, local regs, personal biases etc.) but I would at least have had a start (and know what I was injecting.)
I get my test from a company called ukroids247 and my syringes from Exchange supplies

I tend to do high dosages and play around with other substances which would be not on if being treated properly, when I start doing things properly (actual TRT levels, no possibly dangerous drugs) I will use Optimale as my provider.
If you could share your age (height and weight?) and your LH and FSH levels some of the more informed members may be able to theorize if the levels will raise normally or if TRT is a given whatever you try.

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I’m with Optimale. They by law require 2 blood tests both demonstrating low test to approve. Once they do, it’s super easy, they’re really supportive and you can get everything you need from them

Balance My hormones, or the Men’s Health Clinic are two providers in the UK.

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